Golden Visas (Spain)

Spain is considering the possibility of offering special Visas for Investors, Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs. At Sefar Universal we guide our clients towards the one offering the greatest advantages for their case, providing you with advice on the legal process for requesting any of these special ways.

1- Investment Visa: Visa or residence permit that may be granted to foreigners who make a significant investment in Spain, enabling the applicant to work throughout the country. The investment in real estate must be greater than or equal to 500.000 €

2- Visa for Entrepreneurs: Authorization or visa that enables the applicant to reside in Spain to develop or direct an economic activity as an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial and business activity should be innovative and of special economic interest to Spain.

3- Visa for Highly Qualified Professionals: Residence permit for highly qualified professionals (PAC) with a duration of up to two years, or the duration of the contract in case it was less than two years. PAC: a highly qualified professional, manager, graduate or post-graduate from recognized universities and business schools and with a job offer in Spain.

4- Intercompany Visa Transfer: Residence permit for those foreigners who move to Spain within the framework of an employment or professional relationship or for professional training purposes, with a company or group of companies.

5- Visa for Researchers: Aimed at qualified professionals who wish to carry out research at Spanish institutions.