Genealogist Law

Sefar Universal , consulting firm specialized in obtaining your benefit, has a Genealogical Research Division made up of a highly specialized team of genealogists, historians, researchers, palaeographers, archivologists and librarians, which allows us to assist you in the preparation of genealogical and historical reports duly supported in the conducive evidence for it. This investigation can serve as an evidentiary basis to exercise or claim rights in civil, commercial, immigration matters as well as in the use and enjoyment of noble titles and others of this nature.

Our method Intuitu Personae take into consideration the individual characteristics and requirements of each person and, if necessary, apply it to each of your ancestors. In cases where genealogical research and analysis is required, such as obtaining Spanish and Portuguese nationality by Sephardic origin, which requires analysis and certification of up to 20 generations until reaching the “original” ancestor of the lineage; This same procedure is required to obtain Spanish nationality by Letter of Nature and to obtain Italian Nationality by judicial means.

Our team of professionals can assist you in the following processes:

– Genealogical research

– Paleographic transcripts (Paleos Sefar)

– Genealogical trees with the proper verification and in accordance with the requirements of the Jewish Communities of Spain and / or Portugal, to obtain the certificate of these institutions, the only full proof to obtain Spanish or Portuguese nationality by Sephardic origin

– Heraldic shields

– Historical investigations

– Evidentiary documentation and expert witnesses.

– Proof of noble ownership through genealogy

– Patrimonial claims derived from the possession of a noble title