Colombian Visas

The Sefar Universal team provides comprehensive assistance in the application process for any of the three types of visa required to enter Colombia: Type V visa for visitors, Type M visa for migrants, and Type R visa for residents.

Type “R” Resident Visa This visa will be issued to foreigners who wish to enter and/or remain in Colombia, to establish themselves permanently or set up their residence in the country. It will be given to individuals who are a parent of a Colombian, or to those who have remained in the nation´s territory in a regular and uninterrupted manner for two (2) years as the main holder of the type “M” (Migrant) visa. In addition, it will be granted to those who have registered foreign direct investment with the international exchange department of the Bank of the Republic, or branch acting as such.

Type “M” Migrant Visa” This visa will be granted to the foreigner who intends to enter and/or remain in Colombian territory, with the intention of settling down and who does not meet the conditions to apply for the type “R” visa. The foreigner who wishes to apply for this permission to remain in the country, must have a permanent or long-term job in Colombia, pursuant to a labor relationship or service agreement, with a natural or legal person residing in Colombia.

Type “V” visitor’s Visa. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs may grant a type “V” visa to a foreigner who wishes to visit the national territory once or on several occasions, or to stay there temporarily, without settling down. It is granted to those who visit the Colombian territory for leisure purposes, tourism, cultural interest or to carry out business efforts, market studies, plans or procedures for direct investment and the set-up of a company, negotiation, conclusion of contracts or commercial representation. It may also be given to those who participate in academic exchange programs, or those who attend medical appointments, interventions, or treatment.