Canadian Visas

Tourist Visa or Visitor Visa
This visitor visa is a document that allows a foreign visitor to enter Canada as a tourist by air for a maximum period of six months.
The Spanish-speaking countries eligible for the tourist visa for Canada are: Argentina, Peru, Colombia and Costa Rica.

eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization)
The eTa visa is actually a travel permit or authorization that allows the foreign visitor the possibility to enter the country as a tourist for a period of time of less than 6 months. Since it is not a visa, but a travel authorization for visa exempt citizens, the processing requirements of the Canadian eTA are much simpler than those of a conventional visa. Citizens of Mexico can apply for the eTA visa waiver for Canada, as can nationals of Spain and Chile. This permit is only valid for entry by air.

Work Visa
Visa to work for a full year.
Visa for recent graduates who have a job offer related to their studies.
Visa for a 12-month internship in a company.

Student Visa
Canada is a nation with high academic standards and rigorous quality controls, that is why it has become one of the preferred destinations for undergraduate and graduate studies.

When applying for a student visa, it is necessary that the applicant has:

A letter of acceptance from a designated educational institution.
A valid passport.

Canadian Supervisa
This is a travel authorization granted exclusively to parents and grandparents of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada. This visa is eligible for multiple entries for a maximum period of 10 years.

The study and work visas is the perfect option for young people who intend to stay for a year obtaining a certificate or a diploma depending on the time. you will be in Canada.